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Scope of Application

This data privacy policy is intended to inform users of our website in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the website operator.

The website operator takes your privacy very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the legal regulations.

Please note that data transmission over the Internet can always be subject to security vulnerabilities. A comprehensive protection against unauthorized access from third parties is not possible.

Access Data

The website operator or website provider collects data about accesses to the page and stores them as "server log files". The following data is logged:

  • visited website
  • time of access
  • amount of data sent in bytes
  • source/reference from which you came to the page
  • used browser
  • used operating system
  • used IP address

The collected data is used for statistical evaluations and to improve the website. The website operator reserves the right to check the server log files afterwards if there are specific indications of illegal use.


This website does not use cookies that are personally identifiable. Only system-related cookies are used temporarily, without reference to individuals. These are small text files that are stored on your device. Your browser accesses these files. The use of these cookies is necessary so that your browser can be recognized between your clicks during a visit. Common browsers offer the option to disable cookies. Note: It is not guaranteed that you will be able to access all functions of this website without restrictions if you make the appropriate settings.

Handling of Personal Data

The website operator collects, uses and provides your personal data only if this is permitted by law or if you have agreed to the data collection.

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify you and which can be traced back to you - for example, your name, e-mail address and telephone number.

Handling of contact data

If you contact the website operator through the contact options provided, your details will be stored so that they can be used to process and answer your request. Without your consent, these data will not be passed on to third parties.

Handling of comments and contributions

If you leave a comment or contribution on this website, your IP address will be stored. This is for the security of the website operator: If your text violates the law, he wants to be able to trace your identity.

Handling of Service Related Data

To operate this weather alert system it is necessary that you input the location information as well as the wished weather phenomena to the system. All data you input are just used for preparing and sending weather alerts to you. 

User Account

In order to configure your wished weather phenomena and locations, each customer must set up a password-protected customer account. This includes an overview of completed payments and the related invoices.

The operator does not assume any liability for password abuse if this was not caused by the operator himself.

Registration and Order Process

All data entered by customers during the registration and order process are stored. This includes:

  • Name, first name, title, salutation
  • Address
  • Payment data
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number, fax, mobile phone
  • UID (VAT identification number) for companies

The data that is absolutely necessary for payment and operation is passed on to third-party service providers. As soon as the storage of your data is not longer necessary or is not longer legally required, it will be deleted.

Newsletter Subscription

The website operator offers you a newsletter in which he informs you about new features, maintenance, current events, and offers. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, you must provide a valid e-mail address.

User Rights: Access, Rectification and Deletion

As a user, you receive free information on request about which personal data has been stored about you. If your request does not conflict with a statutory obligation to store data (e.g. data retention), you have the right to correct incorrect data and to block or delete your personal data.


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